These beautiful framed prints make a wonderful keepsake and special memory of your Wedding Invitation or Save The Date Card. Available A4 or A3 size with an option of frames shown below.

Your invitation print will be specially printed to size, supplied in frame with deep mount.

To order, choose A4 or A3 size and your favourite type of frame and when ordering your Invitations or Save The Date Cards select your option in the 'Add Framed Print' menu.


How much do they cost?


(Internal size of frame - A4, Total size of frame; Box - 30cm x 38cm; Distressed - 31cm x 40cm)

A4 Print in White Box Frame = £45.00

A4 Print in Black Box Frame = £45.00

A4 Print in White Distressed Frame = £50.00

A4 Print in Black Distressed Frame = £50.00


(Internal size of frame - A3, Total size of frame; Box - 38cm x 50cm; Distressed - 40cm x 52cm)

A3 Print in White Box Frame = £55.00

A3 Print in Black Box Frame = £55.00

A3 Print in White Distressed Frame = £60.00

A3 Print in Black Distressed Frame = £60.00


Choice of frames


White Distressed Frame

Black Distressed Frame

White Box Frame

Black Box Frame




Laugh Drink Smile Invitation in White Box Frame